How the ServiceMaster Clean Devon team restores flooding damage in a flash.

At this time of year, winter storms bring sudden heavy rainfall that can flood homes and properties.

Floodwater can cause extensive property damage and create a possible health hazard from contaminated water, so clearing up after a flood requires expert and prompt remedial care.

With 60 years of expertise, ServiceMaster Restore is one of the longest-established disaster restoration companies in the UK and a founding member of the BDMA, which sets the industry standards for fire and flood restoration.

They use experienced technicians and specialist equipment to restore properties to their pre-loss condition with minimal disruption and delay.

This recent case study from ServiceMaster Clean Devon‘s Restore Team provides insight into the process and the benefits of using their services.

What was the problem?

The team were called to assist after a 1902 mid-terraced property was flooded during a heavy downpour.

Black water had entered the house via the front entrance and, due to its volume, passed throughout the ground floor, affecting the kitchen to the rear, the front living room (including a timber-clad understairs cupboard that houses a washing machine and an upright fridge freezer), and the lower section of the carpeted staircase.

The water levels reached approximately 0.6 metres.

Upon our arrival, the homeowner was removing contents from the affected areas.

There was extensive saturation and deposited sediment, particularly beneath the kitchen units.


First, the team undertook a moisture assessment, which showed high levels as expected.

However, the readings were lower than anticipated in the living room, at skirting levels and to the decorated lower walls, meaning remediation needn’t require major strip-out works to this room.

They then completed a visual inspection of the property:

  • The original historic tiled floor showed no obvious structural defects and has reportedly withstood several similar occurrences. Therefore, we left this structure intact and monitored it throughout the cleanup.
  • They found signs of damage to the understairs cupboard, which had timber tongue and grooved cladding and would need removal.
  • Within the kitchen, the base kitchen units were damaged and would need removal to allow a complete sanitising treatment and facilitate the operation of our drying system.

With the assessment complete, the team began the remedial works, which included:

  • Removal of the kitchen base units and range oven.
  • Removal of all the understairs timber cladding.
  • Thorough rinse, extraction and sanitisation of all affected materials.
  • Injection and tented drying to the affected walls and floors to dry all the trapped moisture.


Our input prevented further damage to the property, made it safe and ensured it dried out swiftly.

The homeowner was able to begin reinstating their home in the quickest possible time.

Upon completion, the team issued a dry certificate and a final report with all the essential information for the homeowner and insurer records.

In a pinch?

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Cleanliness is high on the agenda and one of the first things people notice when walking into commercial premises is the carpet.  Maintaining a clean environment remains a high priority and carpets are a visible example.  Commercial organisations have multiple factors to consider and planning ahead of time really helps.  Carpet replacement is costly and disruptive so extending the life of a carpet is financially advantageous.

Customer and Team Priorities

It’s important to take account of how the property is used and consider what is important to your customers and staff.  Professional carpet cleaning involves machinery so is best organised for when customers and employees are not using the property.

  • Residential blocks managed by housing associations or property managers may favour annual deep carpet cleaning
  • Schools, university, collages often plan for Easter and summer projects
  • Nurseries favour quarterly visits on weekends for close contact cleanliness
  • Offices and professional services sometimes prefer evenings


  1. Zones
    How heavy is the usage and wear throughout the year?  Divide up the property into zones, each one to be addressed at a different time.  Some high traffic zones area such as reception, walkways, stairs may require monthly cleaning and spot stain treatments, whereas meeting rooms may require quarterly or annual deep carpet cleaning.  An audit of the area can be used to draw up a specification of works or scope.
  1. Visual Schedule
    A visual schedule makes it easy to see and can be displayed and shared so people can plan, and allow time for setting equipment aside for access to the areas if required.  Automating the process by making one set of bookings for the whole year saves time on the planning and preparation.
  1. Integrated planning
    Other cleaning such as the upholstery on sofas and office chairs or periodic deep cleaning to surfaces and hard floor cleaning are most effective when coordinated.  Linking the carpet cleaning programme to other maintenance plans can be more cost effective and be more efficient.
  1. Predictable Budget
    Unpredictable costs are a source of stress. If you have one zone that requires monthly cleaning and other zones that are half yearly or annually, consider asking your carpet cleaning company to factor the whole years costs and split evenly to provide even monthly expenses. This gives a predicable monthly cost to your business and the cleaning is already scheduled in.


Designing a carpet cleaning maintenance programme automates the important aspect of maintain a hygienic facility.  Having a consistent approach that integrates with your organisational routines means the problem of remembering to arrange carpet cleaning, booking visits and unexpected costs are addressed.

If you want to know more about how ServiceMaster Clean Devon can help with your Carpet Preventative Maintenance Plan contact us to find out more.

The importance of having a clean work environment has never been greater. As an employer, how can you ensure that your building meets the strict criteria for cleanliness and infection control?

Here is our five-step plan:

  1. Assess the risks

Start with a risk assessment to identify the critical areas of concern and how you will address them.

  1. Create a cleaning plan

Since the individual areas of your building each have different uses, plan your cleaning routines accordingly. Consider what activities are undertaken where and the frequency of usage. Creating a plan will ensure that each area receives the appropriate level of attention and maintain consistency of cleanliness.

  1. Sanitise touchpoints

High touch areas such as handles, switches and desks will require frequent sanitisation. Highlight those areas in your cleaning plan and ensure they receive regular attention.

  1. Use appropriate PPE

Check the COSHH assessments of each cleaning product to ensure that you use the correct personal protection equipment such as gloves and masks.

  1. Deep clean periodically

Incorporate a regular deep clean into your cleaning plan. To keep on top of harder to reach areas, schedule in other less frequent cleaning routines such as fogging and ozone treatments.

By following these steps, you will maintain a clean work environment and reduce the risk of any infectious disease outbreak. For more information and other helpful resources, visit the government and HSE websites.

If your workplace has been exposed to Covid-19, we can provide a complete sanitisation to ensure infection control. Please contact ServiceMaster Clean Devon to find out more.

At ServiceMaster Clean Devon, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our work and our exceptional levels of customer service. But, of course, we would say that!

So, putting our money where our mouth is, what is our quality assurance?

As our customer, this is what you can expect from us:

Safety first: We regularly carry out risk assessments on our individual cleaning services and create risk assessment method statements (RAMS). Consequently, all our staff follow a step-by-step safe working guide that protects both them and our customers.

Superior equipment: We continually upgrade and invest in our equipment to ensure it is best in class and delivers exceptional results for our customers.

Customer reporting: Our comprehensive completion reports give certainty that the job is finished and completed to the highest standard.

Responsive service: We deliver our service to suit our customer’s needs. Whether that is cleaning outside of usual office hours or responding to an emergency, we can be there.

Staff training: Our new employee induction process, coupled with our ongoing internal and external industry training programme, ensures our staff can do the best job.

Professional attire: Our branded vehicles and staff uniforms provide reassurance that we are genuine and reflect our high standards of professionalism.

We never wish to rest on our laurels, so we continually seek ways to improve our customer service. If you have any feedback or suggestions for improvement, please email us at

If you want to know more about how ServiceMaster Clean Devon can help with your carpet, floor & upholstery cleaning contact us to find out more.

Client Problem:

  • As a leisure centre, much of the floor area had very regular heavy use which meant wear and tear
  • Cleaning needed to fit around class times and the room schedules
  • Disruption to the staff and customers needed to be kept to a minimum

How we helped

The floor is one of the first things customers and visitors notice when entering a building, and a dirty or damaged floor will most certainly catch their unwanted attention.

Paying particular attention to the leisure centres classes and room schedule, we were able to advise on the most suitable down time and be able to schedule our cleaning around their requirements.

Running a busy leisure centre and making sure it is at full occupancy is key for this organisation, so we were happy to work alongside them so we could ensure that our work didn’t affect the day to day operation. Our detailed consultation with the client was key to ensuring smooth planning and performance.

We were happy to assist in providing an enhanced cleaning programme so our client could be assured of a positive first impression for their customers.

The benefit

  • Leisure centre was able to remain fully open and run the classes daily throughout the cleaning programme
  • Enhanced the appearance of the centre
  • Improved customer’s feedback
  • Our schedule set up means that we can manage the whole process and planning, saving our client time and allowing them to focus on other tasks which are crucial to their business.

View our customer report here.

If you want to know how ServiceMaster Clean Devon can help with your floor care contact us today to find out more.

Flooding can occur at any time. Whatever the cause – an extreme weather event or a burst water pipe, flooding can cause extensive property damage and even create a health hazard. An appropriate clean-up and restoration procedure is essential to minimise the damage and health risk.

Our technicians have the specialist skills and equipment to respond to the emergency and take the situation under control. Here is how we do it.

Our emergency flood response

On arrival at the property, our team assess the risks and plan the clean-up approach.

We know flooding can be stressful, so we deal with the situation calmly and sensitively, providing customer advice and support throughout.

Combining powerful machinery with specialist products, we can extract water and sanitise at the same time. This process removes standing water rapidly while minimising the potential health risks from contaminated water. When that stage is complete, we install drying equipment to prevent further damage from moisture in the atmosphere.

Next steps

With the initial clean-up done, we report back to our customer, including photo evidence, to keep them up to date on progress.

After the initial emergency response and damage containment, we conduct a specialist in-depth drying process to remove all water from the building’s fabric.

Why use ServiceMaster Restore Exeter?

Our rapid response service reduces flood damage and safeguards health. We aim to return the property to normal use in the shortest possible timescale while minimising disruption and fully supporting our customers.

For advice on dealing with the aftermath of a flood, please contact us on 01803 200278.