It’s fair to say that setting a New Years’ Resolution is a bonus, all we can hope for in the business sector is to survive 2021 the best that we can.

If you are in a position to set some resolutions, here’s 5 ideas that you might like to take in to consideration;

  • Do your bit for the environment – Reduce travel, print less, recycle more and make a conscious effort to do more for the environment
  • Support other local businesses – Where possible support your local economy through consuming local produce and services
  • Improve your communication – Strive to improve communication with both employees and customers by communicating regularly and effectively with relevant topics
  • Take stock – The beginning of the year is usually a good time to take stock of where you are, make any changes and set any future goals
  • Plan for the unexpected – Source information and contact details for those who can help you in your hour of need, engineer, plumber, electrician, labourer and of course, a disaster restoration specialist – such as ServiceMaster Restore

If we can be of assistance in anyway, contact us on 0845 762 6828 to discuss your requirements

Here at ServiceMaster Restore we don’t focus on ‘what’ we do, we focus on ‘why’ we do it. 

If you have an escape of water, you’re not interested in what we do to clean it up, you’re interested in that we clear it up quickly, professionally and effectively so that you can get back to normality.

If you’ve been affected by fire damage, you’re not interested in what do to remove the soot and smoke from your property, you’re interested in getting back in to your home, so you don’t have to stay too long in alternative accommodation.

We take the time to understand why you need us and how we can use our expertise to take great care of you in your hour of need.

We are;

  • Timely
  • Efficient
  • Thorough
  • Understanding
  • Sympathetic

If you are looking for a disaster restoration company who do more, look no further.

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We work exclusively with customers directly, and on behalf of clients, insurers, loss adjusters/assessors and businesses.

It is for certain that we could not have predicted what 2020 has brought upon us. But what can we expect next year in 2021? 

We very much expect to see many of the protective measures that we have now, remaining in place for 2021, with reduced travel, increased hygiene and specialist guidance to protect the UK from harm.

Increased hygiene measures 

This year we have worn surgical masks and gloves to undertake typical duties such as the weekly shop. This doesn’t look like it’s set to change as yet. Increased hygiene measures will be sure to continue by the way of regular cleaning in general and that of high touch points.


Unfortunately, there is likely to be some uncertainty in the air because of the pandemic and leaving the European Union. This could mean that individuals and business put off large buying decisions and only look to undertake necessary works.

Staying home to stay safe 

Employers will more than likely to continue to operate a skeleton office or remote office for their businesses in hope to protect their employees.

How does the above affect the restoration industry? 

The restoration industry is a necessity. As services are operated in a methodical and hygienic manner, adjusting to change was simple to implement.

As the services of ServiceMaster Restore are reactive, they are less likely to be affected by uncertainty, because they are essential rather than desirable.

As many of us stay home to stay safe, there are many office buildings left unoccupied, leaving them open to frozen pipes risking flooding and faulty electrics to catch fire.

We are on hand 24-7 365 for all restorative matters. Give our team a call on 0845 762 6828

Tis’ the season to be jolly, but is it the season to close the office? 

ServiceMaster Restore is a business that won’t be closing over the Christmas holidays because the services offered are essential and provide urgent help in a customers’ hour of need. However, if your business offers none essential services or products, is it a good idea to close? Here’s some Pro’s & Con’s of doing so.

Why close down?

Stay home to stay safe – During the pandemic, it’s recommended that if you can, you should stay home. Closing the office helps to facilitate this

Prevent employee burn out – Everyone needs a break, particularly after such a testing year

Customer perception – Often customers think that it’s the right thing to do to close over the Christmas period, this can help you to get in the good books and have a good start in the new year

Why stay open?

Keep market share – If you close, customers may look to a competitor to get their goods/services before Christmas

Get ahead – Ready to make a kick-start to 2021, staying open can help you to facilitate this, particularly if other competitors choose to close

Christmas isn’t for everyone – Not everyone celebrates Christmas, so working may be their saviour at this time of year

It’s down to business choice whether to open or close during the festive period, but don’t worry – We are fully open 365 – 24/7 so that we’re available when you need us! 0845 762 6828

Whilst there may not be as many visitors in your home this year as previous ones, the risk of a cranberry sauce or red wine stain is still possible. Take note of our stain removal tips this Christmas to keep your home stain-free for 2021.

What you might need

Add these essential stain removing items to the  Christmas shopping basket; Clean white cloth (cheap flannels are perfect), white vinegar, soap flakes, vodka, white spirit, blotting paper, talcum powder, and remember to always test the treatment in an inconspicuous area first.

  • Cranberry Sauce & Christmas Pudding
    – Scrape away as much as possible, then with a dry cloth, apply a little white vinegar in a sponging action
    – Apply soap flakes (A teaspoonful to a mug of warm water) dab with white vinegar followed by more of the soap solution
    – Rinse with water, dry and the stain should be removed
  • Wine
    – Absorb as much of the wine as possible with kitchen towels then dampen the area with a light spray of water
    – Sprinkle with plenty of talcum powder and cover with more kitchen paper,  a piece of cling film, a heavy book and leave for 12 hours
    – The talcum powder will absorb all the wine and can then be vacuumed away
  • Gravy
    – Scrape up as much as possible.
    – Dab with a soap flakes mixture(A teaspoonful to a mug of warm water), gently sponge (don’t rub) this mixture onto the stain and allow to sit for at least three minutes
    – Absorb the soap mixture with a clean white cotton cloth, repeat until no transfer is visible
    – Rinse with clean water and absorb with a clean white cloth
    – Dry with a hairdryer or leave to naturally dry
  • Goose fat, Brandy butter or Chocolate
    – Same instructions as above
    –  Before drying wipe over with Vodka. You can get yourself a vodka and coke afterwards to treat yourself for your hard work!
  • Tea or Coffee
    – Rinse out with cold water, absorb the water with a clean white cloth until there is no more transfer
    – If any marks are left, call in the professionals
  • Christmas Tree Sap
    – Dab the tree sap with a spot of white spirit on a dry cloth, followed by soap flakes (around a teaspoonful to a mug of warm water)
    – Gently sponge this mixture onto the stain and allow to sit for at least three minutes.
    – Sponge the entire residue out while keeping the stain as dry as possible
  • Candle Wax
    – Place blotting paper over the wax; using the point of an iron warm the stain up until it is absorbed by the paper
    – Keep moving the paper over candle wax until it is all absorbed
    – Dab white spirit onto it with a clean cloth
    – If a colour stain remains, call in the professionals

With these tips on cleaning stains, we hope you have a stain-free Christmas. If you’re unsure on how to remove anything from your fabrics then get in contact with us to discuss our stain removal service. 0845 762 6828

As expected, the second wave has hit and has seen Covid-19 cases rise, despite a second national lockdown, as well as extra precautions and mandatory isolation.

There are measures that you can take to help protect your workforce, particularly in businesses where employees can’t work from home due to the nature of their role and the business.

Enhanced cleaning 

The key to helping keep Covid-19 at bay in the workplace is to maintain high levels of hygiene. This can be done through enhanced cleaning measures using specialist products, equipment and of course, increasing the frequency.

High touch surfaces 

Surfaces that are touched regularly need to be cleaned and disinfected more often. These include light switches, hand rails, controls, door handles and more.

Waste removal

Items in the waste can harbour germs and bacteria, so it’s important to dispose of them safely regularly and effectively.

Clean carpets & upholstery 

Professional carpet cleaning can help to remove germs and bacteria by thorough disinfection and deep cleaning.

Final note

The most effective way of minimising the spread is to follow the most recent government guidance on hygiene and protocols. Effective hand washing and social distancing in the work place helps the workforce to do their bit.

For any confirmed cases of Covid-19 ServiceMaster Restore are on hand to provide reactive deep cleaning and sanitisation to help return work premises back in to a safe state. Contact us on 0845 762 6828 for further information. 

We are now in to December and can begin enjoy the festivities (although it will be different this year).

‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’ – for some, not everyone.

According to the National Accident helpline, 1 in 6 house fires occur in December. It could be caused from an overcooked turkey, or faulty fairy lights, but whatever the cause, restoration businesses such as ourselves, are called out over the festivities to help get properties back to normality as soon as possible.

To avoid a visit from the emergency services and restoration companies this Christmas, we recommend that you follow our helpful tips below to stay safe this Christmas:

  • Check fairy lights for electrical faults and replace where necessary
  • Turn off all fairy lights when leaving the house and before going to bed
  • Don’t overload sockets – less is more when it comes to electrical safety
  • Keep Christmas cards away from all direct light/heat sources
  • Cook safely in the kitchen following cooking instructions to avoid overcooking/fire
  • Don’t place Christmas decorations or other obstructions near exits from the property
  • Don’t turn your heating off if you are going on a Christmas break, keep heating on a low setting if anything
  • Check guidance of packaging and dispose of safely
  • Drink safe
  • Stay safe this Christmas!

For any restoration emergencies at your property, call 0845 762 6828 for expert help 24/7 265

If you own your home outright, did you know that home insurance isn’t mandatory? It is always a good idea to have insurance in place as you never know what is around the corner. 

According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), insurance providers pay out some £8.1 million a day to reimburse homeowners for damage and loss. If unexpected events causing damage and loss didn’t happen, then they wouldn’t be paying this kind of money out every day.

That said, some home owners choose not to have home insurance because they live in areas where the risk is higher and as such, so are the premiums. Here customers take their chances on not insuring their properties and would turn to private restoration companies should they need to instead.

We work with many customers in areas of the country who choose to rectify the damage to their property privately through loss adjusters, loss assessors and of course, disaster restoration companies such as ourselves.

Our vast experience means that we not only review the damage, but the cause of the damage too. It’s our job to get the property back to normality as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary disruption or additional loss.

Our expertise, tools and equipment are state of the art and make our job much more effective – and easier! Speed and ease needs to be on our side to keep costs down too.

If you’d like to discuss your requirements, contact our team today on 0845 7626828

The autumn and winter months see us spending evenings in the dark as the daylight hours are reduced, even more so when the clocks ‘fall back’.

Unfortunately, the dark can sometimes be an excuse for thieves and vagabonds to operate in the comfort of reduced visibility hiding their every move. Below are FIVE simple tips that you can take to protect your business in the darker nights and mornings.

  1. CCTV – Most CCTV now can operate in the dark and provide clear footage both in real time and by recording. It’s important to check that the model that you choose has a clear of a picture in the dark, as it does in daylight
  2. Floodlights and security lighting – Often a good deterrent in the first place, floodlighting and security lighting can startle intruders and put them off from any wrongdoing because the area is well lit
  3. Alarm system – Whilst an alarm can’t see, it can sense any wrong doing so that an alarm is sounded should there be an intruder on the property. The alarm siren itself is often enough to scare someone away, or notify others of an issue
  4. Locks – Prevention is often better than the cure. Prevent intruders from getting in, in the first place by using security locks and security systems
  5. Monitoring – Depending on the size of your business (and budget) you could consider hiring 24/7 monitoring by security personnel to keep a watchful eye over your premises all of the time

We hope that those five tips help some way in helping you to protect your business during the darker hours, but if you are unfortunate enough to be the victim of vandalism or anti-social damage, contact our team today for our restoration help. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that many premises have been forced to close indefinately both due to the tier system and following a positive case of Coronavirus. 

Most establishments make the difficult decision to close for a period of time following a positive case of Covid-19 when this is simply not required, if the premises have been deep cleaned and sanitised. Often the problem is getting an employee to undertake this job whilst risking their health and it’s easy to see why most employees wouldn’t want to tackle it.

Equally, eradicating a virus needs to be done effectively, otherwise it is a total waste of time and resource. There are only certain products effective in killing certain viruses and specialist cleaning techniques need to be used to ensure effective use of the products. It’s not an easy job, particularly for an individual with no experience in cleaning and sanitising.

ServiceMaster Restore are professionals in providing deep cleaning and sanitisation services. From the products and equipments that we use, right down to the PPE that we wear to protect our employees and our customers.

We aim to respond quickly following a positive case of Covid-19 to effectively clean and sanitise the premises, making it safe for the building to reopen as soon as possible.

When bystanders see our distinctive yellow and grey branded vehicles, they are reassured that the professionals are on site to clean, sanitise and return the property back in to its previously safe condition.

Save our contact details in case you require our responsive deep cleaning and sanitisation services in the future. 

0845 762 6828