Are ServiceMaster Restore UK-wide?

Are you in need of disaster restoration services?

Disaster can strike without warning, leaving you blindsided by the trauma of a damaged property and no clue how to start picking up the pieces.

ServiceMaster Restore has been delivering premium disaster restoration services in the UK since 1959, from fire, water and trauma aftermath restoration to sanitisation and graffiti vandalism cleanup.

But where can you find us?

Are ServiceMaster Restore UK-wide?

As of June 2024, ServiceMaster Restore covers much of the UK with 30 dedicated franchise locations from Barnsley to Belfast.

These are based in key areas that often cover larger surrounding areas.

Our central hubs can be found in:

  1. Bath and Bristol
  2. Belfast
  3. Birmingham
  4. Bournemouth
  5. Brentwood
  6. Burton
  7. Clwyd
  8. Coventry
  9. Denbigh
  10. Devon, Torbay and Exeter
  11. Dorset
  12. Glasgow
  13. Grimsby
  14. Havant and Petersfield
  15. Kingston Upon Thames
  16. Leicester (East and West)
  17. Lincolnshire
  18. Middlesbrough
  19. Newbury
  20. North Norfolk
  21. Oxford
  22. Peterborough
  23. Rotherham and Barnsley
  24. Southport and Preston
  25. Swansea
  26. Northeast
  27. Central London
  28. Watford
  29. Wolverhampton

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Whatever damages your residential or commercial property is facing, ServiceMaster Restore is here to help.

Backed by over 60 years of experience delivering professional and comprehensive disaster restoration, prevention and mitigation services across the UK with the latest tools and expertise to help you recover from whatever life throws at you.

Disasters don’t work just 9-5 and neither do we. Our teams are on hand through our hotline 24/7, 365 days a year.

We’ll be there on 0800 021 3970 if you need us in an emergency.

Or, nationwide, find your nearest ServiceMaster Restore business today for support with a range of premium disaster restoration services from your local heroes.

How the ServiceMaster Clean Devon team restores flooding damage in a flash.

At this time of year, winter storms bring sudden heavy rainfall that can flood homes and properties.

Floodwater can cause extensive property damage and create a possible health hazard from contaminated water, so clearing up after a flood requires expert and prompt remedial care.

With 60 years of expertise, ServiceMaster Restore is one of the longest-established disaster restoration companies in the UK and a founding member of the BDMA, which sets the industry standards for fire and flood restoration.

They use experienced technicians and specialist equipment to restore properties to their pre-loss condition with minimal disruption and delay.

This recent case study from ServiceMaster Clean Devon‘s Restore Team provides insight into the process and the benefits of using their services.

What was the problem?

The team were called to assist after a 1902 mid-terraced property was flooded during a heavy downpour.

Black water had entered the house via the front entrance and, due to its volume, passed throughout the ground floor, affecting the kitchen to the rear, the front living room (including a timber-clad understairs cupboard that houses a washing machine and an upright fridge freezer), and the lower section of the carpeted staircase.

The water levels reached approximately 0.6 metres.

Upon our arrival, the homeowner was removing contents from the affected areas.

There was extensive saturation and deposited sediment, particularly beneath the kitchen units.


First, the team undertook a moisture assessment, which showed high levels as expected.

However, the readings were lower than anticipated in the living room, at skirting levels and to the decorated lower walls, meaning remediation needn’t require major strip-out works to this room.

They then completed a visual inspection of the property:

  • The original historic tiled floor showed no obvious structural defects and has reportedly withstood several similar occurrences. Therefore, we left this structure intact and monitored it throughout the cleanup.
  • They found signs of damage to the understairs cupboard, which had timber tongue and grooved cladding and would need removal.
  • Within the kitchen, the base kitchen units were damaged and would need removal to allow a complete sanitising treatment and facilitate the operation of our drying system.

With the assessment complete, the team began the remedial works, which included:

  • Removal of the kitchen base units and range oven.
  • Removal of all the understairs timber cladding.
  • Thorough rinse, extraction and sanitisation of all affected materials.
  • Injection and tented drying to the affected walls and floors to dry all the trapped moisture.


Our input prevented further damage to the property, made it safe and ensured it dried out swiftly.

The homeowner was able to begin reinstating their home in the quickest possible time.

Upon completion, the team issued a dry certificate and a final report with all the essential information for the homeowner and insurer records.

In a pinch?

For expert disaster restoration services, find your nearest ServiceMaster Restore business or contact the ServiceMaster Clean Devon team on 01803 200 278 or email

How we ensured optimal business continuity in 24 hours after substantial fire damage with ServiceMaster Restore+.  

ServiceMaster Restore in Rotherham and Barnsley recently supported a company headquarters after a severe arson attack on the property resulted in significant fire damage to the ground floor.

The property, a substantial, stone-built, double-fronted detached two-storey office building, had to halt, disrupting and hurting their operation.

This is a major issue for businesses after significant damage, as they cannot get running again in much time (if at all!)

According to the London Fire Brigade, nearly 60% of businesses never recover after a fire.

Thanks to ServiceMaster Restore Plus, which streamlines the claims processes through our network of approved and accredited professionals, we restored the business to a safe working environment in twenty-four hours!

Here’s how…

What was the damage?

Fire Damage

The arson attack heavily damaged the left side of the building, necessitating an evaluation of Beyond Economic Repair (BER) contents.

Widespread Debris and Water Damage

The front and ground floor were covered in debris, with approximately 1 inch of water mixed with fire-damaged debris.

Electrical Safety Concerns

Power was cut off by the fire brigade when assisting with the fire.

How ServiceMaster Restore Responded with a same-day callout

  1. Following the emergency callout facilitated by ServiceMaster Restore Plus, the team conducted an immediate assessment.
  2. They then efficiently removed excess water from the right-hand side of the ground floor office area and deployed drying equipment, ensuring optimal levels were maintained.
  3. They then conducted a comprehensive electrical safety test and established a temporary power supply to support drying.
  4. Following this, they cleared extensive debris inside and outside the building and performed a BER assessment of the damaged contents.
  5. To restore the floor and interior, they removed water-damaged commercial vinyl flooring.
  6. Plans were made to overboard the subfloor for restoration and to conduct decor works on skirting boards and walls.
  7. Finally, they implemented ozone generation for deodorisation and thoroughly cleaned the entire property.

The result

When the business was in danger of significant disruption and permanent damage, our swift and effective response mitigated further damage, and the business could continue trading with minimal downtime.

The interventions allowed the client to plan for a return to their offices with minimal impact on their business operations.

Want to optimise business continuity after a disaster?

Through our network of trained and accredited professionals and our swift response through Restore Plus, ServiceMaster Restore’s capability to manage complex commercial property restoration efficiently ensures the continuity of business operations following catastrophic events.

If you require professional restoration services and want to minimise disruption to your business while ensuring unparalleled restoration results, find your nearest ServiceMaster Restore business today to see how we can help you in a crisis.

As the clocks have ‘sprung forward’ and the weather in the UK is getting warmer, it’s important to remember to whilst the dangers associated with Winter are becoming few and far between, there are dangers associated with warmer weather. Fire and flooding in spring are both possible. Read on for what these disasters are, what they are caused by and how you can prevent them.


As the warmer weather approaches, we enjoy spending more and more time outdoors. As such, Al Fresco dining becomes a popular option and introduces the use of barbecues and outdoor heating, such as patio heaters.

Always ensure the equipment you use to cook or heat the outside of your property is well maintained and operated correctly to reduce the likelihood of a fire accident. Remember to make sure it is switched off and stored safely when you have finished with it.


Most would ignore this because of the reduced rainfall, but out come the hose pipes, water features, paddling pools and hot tubs. All have a risk of flooding your property outdoors or in. It only takes a couple of cm’s to cause a flood, so ensure that any water apparatus is water tight and has sufficient drainage in place to release water if you need to. Keep all apparatus in good working condition to reduce the likelihood of damage which could cause flooding.

If you are unfortunate enough to experience either of the above, rest assured that there is professional help at hand should you need it following fire and flooding in Spring. Speak to our experts on 0845 762 6828 /