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How to prevent water damage

You might need to know how to prevent water damage as it can happen at any time. From plumbing leaks to faulty or broken appliances, water overflow has the potential to cause some serious damage, especially if it’s not taken care of right away. To protect your home from issues that can be caused by […]

Restore your property in response to a disaster disaster

How ServiceMaster Restore can restore your property in response to a disaster. In the aftermath of a disaster, it can be difficult to think of how to respond and what to do. You’re still in shock from the surprise of what has happened and might not have a plan of action for the situation. At […]

Home BBQ Safety Tips

It’s a good time to start taking on board some home BBQ safety tips now that the weather is getting warmer. As you’ve probably considered firing up the barbecue (if you haven’t already!) After all, nothing says spring or summer like the smell of burgers, steaks, hot dogs and chopped veggies fresh off the grill […]

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Read on for a very helpful Spring Home Maintenance Checklist to get your home ready for the Spring. The clocks have gone forward, the daffodils are out, and the temperature is rising – spring is here! It’s a season of transformation as winter melts away and flowers start to bloom, and one that motivates many […]

How smoke damage affects your business

Even the smallest fire can wreak havoc  through smoke damage on your business. And not just from the fire itself. Smoke can have lasting repercussions that span far beyond any damage you can see on the surface. Smoke damage repair is also a time-sensitive process, as smoke and soot contain high levels of acidity that […]

Keeping your home safe from Storm Eunice

Storm Eunice has arrived, and with much of Britain now feeling its effects, it is vital to know how to protect you and your home from the strong winds and heavy rain. Wind and heavy rainfall can be harmful to your property in a number of ways; In a downpour such as the ones experienced […]

Preventing fallen tree damage

Preventing fallen tree damage is becoming more important as the UK continues to experience high winds and heavy rain. The MET office has issued 38 flood alerts nationwide and are suggesting UK residents prepare for potential power outages. Much like storms Malik and Corrie, previous storms have left particular damage to the nation’s forestry. Back […]

Power cut preparation

A comprehensive power cut preparation guide to all of the things you might need during an extended power outage. With storms Malik and Corrie currently sweeping the UK, many homes across the nation are set to be without power for as long as multiple days in some areas. But how can you prepare? Don’t be […]

Cleaning up graffiti and vandalism

Is graffiti and vandalism a problem you’ve come back to? With government restrictions easing again, more and more people across the UK are beginning to return to the office. But what do you do if you come back to find that your building has been vandalised with unsightly graffiti in your absence? Unfortunately, graffiti and […]