Winter weather preparations

We experienced a glorious spring and early summer, however, a bout of recent storms have got many of us thinking about the winter weather preparations we should be making. 

There are things that you can do to protect your property against the cold, wet and windy weather brought in the winter season.

Here are some winter weather preparations below: 

Avoid frozen pipes 

You should insulate pipes and water tanks to avoid them getting to freezing temperature. Insulation can be purchased from most DIY stores or fitted by a plumbing expert.

Don’t turn your heating off

If you are planning a winter break, it can be tempting to turn the heating off whilst you are away. Don’t! Instead you should keep the heating on at a low temperature or time it to come on intermittently.

Service your boiler 

Boiler health is so important as a faulty boiler could mean that you are left without heating in the winter months, or could cause flooding or your pipes to freeze. Speak to a plumber about servicing your boiler regularly.

Minimise draughts 

Consider purchasing draught excluders to minimise the draughts in your property. Some can be fitted to doors and windows, others can be easily placed in front of the draft entrance.

Plan for an emergency 

If you either lose your heating, water or perhaps your property floods, you need to be prepared. It’s a good idea to keep portable heaters, bottled water and have emergency supplies ready in case the worst happens.

We hope that the above winter weather preparations help you in the coming winter months to prepare for the winter weather. If however our help comes too late or just simply isn’t enough for the UK weather, you can reach out to our team for restoration help. Visit our flooding restoration page for further information.

Don’t forget if you need help with an escape of water, you can contact us as the experts on 0845 762 6828