Disaster Recovery Plan

A disaster is an unfortunate event in any situation, but even worse if you don’t have a plan in place to reduce the damage or  overcome it. Most businesses will have a document that outlines exactly what needs to be done following on from a disaster, or even identifying actions to be made before a disaster happens. This is called a Disaster Recovery Plan.

A Disaster Recovery Plan is essential to ensure continuity in your business following on from a disaster. Here are some considerations for your own:

Consider the risks/possible disasters as a result 

There are many disasters that can affect a business, but not all of them will be relevant to your own. Here consider what disasters would be detrimental to your particular business.

Assess the risks 

Conducting a risk assessment will help you to decide what risks are imminent and what risks pose the largest threat.

Decide on the recovery objectives 

What do you want to be achieved from following the plan? Reduction of loss? Total avoidance? Recovery of items?

Tools, techniques and resources

What and who do you need to carry out your plan? You may wish to include the contact details of a Disaster Recovery specialist such as ourselves, ServiceMaster Restore.

Document your plan

Write down in detail all aspects of the plan. It needs to be clear so that anyone can interpret it and follow it correctly.

Test your plan

If you are able to play out a ‘dress rehearsal’, it’s a good idea to do so to be able to highlight any problems with the plan so that you can change them before you need to use it for real.

Display your plan

The plan needs to be somewhere that is visible in case of disaster. Having it displayed somewhere visible also provides peace of mind to those who use your premises that you have plans in place for if the worst happens.

We do hope that you never need to use your Disaster Recovery Plan, and if help from a specialist is required, you can count on us. Call 0845 762 6828 in an emergency.