kitchen fire

Whilst a fire is the immediate danger, there are serious dangers of smoke too. 

Smoke is a collection of tiny unburned particles. These are unburned because there is incomplete combustion, as there is not enough oxygen to burn the fuel in it’s totality. All smoke contains carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, which explains the dangers of smoke.

Inhaling carbon monoxide decreases the lungs capacity which in itself is extremely dangerous. However, when exposed to smoke, you could be inhaling much more, such as fine particles and other deadly gases which are given off from other fuel types (furniture, flooring, upholstery, woods, plastics, metals etc) when they are burning.

Once the fire is out, smoke can remain for a long time, particularly the damage it leaves behind on surfaces and in the air.

Restoration experts such as ServiceMaster Restore not only remove the smoke damage from all surfaces, but from the air too. 

As experts we would identify all of the areas that have been affected by smoke damage and then create a plan of action to remove all smoke damage before inviting you back in to the property once it is safe.

Our experts ensure that smoke damage is isolated and does not affect other areas of the property creating more damage or loss.

Any items that are beyond repair are removed and disposed of safely, smoke particles are lifted from the air and then thorough cleaning then can begin to remove the residues that have built up. Finally, deodorising then can neutralise the familiar smell of smoke.

Early intervention is the key to restoring a property back to it’s former glory post fire. 

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