It’s really important to understand the water damage timeline as speed of restoration is an important factor in water damage incidents.

When water damage is left untreated, serious problems can arise. Here’s a water damage timeline highlighting what happens, when, with a water damage incident:

  1. Within minutes or hours – Contamination from hazardous water can spread. Furniture situated on wet carpets will begin to stain the carpet. Over time wooden furniture will become swollen with water
  2. Within days – Mould and mildew may begin to appear. Paint and wallpaper may be destroyed. Wooden floors may begin to warp and wooden structural supports may begin to swell
  3. In around a week – Mould and mildew will begin to spread reaching more your furniture, walls and even in the structure of your property
  4. A number of weeks – Mould will take hold of organic materials like wood, leaving them unsalvageable. Mould could begin to make you ill by entering your lungs and your blood stream it can affect your immune system, kidneys, liver and brain causing headaches
  5. After a prolonged period – Untreated water damage can affect the foundations of the property, making it unstable and unsafe! The property can begin to shift under its own weight, walls begin to flex and the whole structure can begin to sink

Sound scary?

Fortunately with quick and effective intervention, much of the above can be avoided.

It’s likely your insurance will have partnerships with restoration companies who will be able to get out, assess the damage and respond with appropriate services quickly. However, for some individuals who don’t have insurance, particularly in high flood risk areas, you’ll need an expert restoration company on hand.

ServiceMaster Restore are experts in restoring flood damage. With years of experience, a whole network of professionals with the best equipment and products for the job, ServiceMaster Restore are a great choice when choosing a restoration business. You can find out more about our water damage restoration here.

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