Categories of water

Did you know that there are different categories of water? They are given categories based on the level of risk that they present.

Here we’ll list the different categories of water and the risks the present to you in your property.

Category 1 

Category 1 water is of relatively low risk. This is because it is relatively clean and may have come from sanitary sources such as a water tank or pipe leak. It may also be in the form of melted snow! Whilst the water isn’t inherently dangerous for humans or pets, you still wouldn’t want it to cause any kind of damage within your home.

Category 2 

Category 2 is water that has been used in some way. This could mean by the washing machine or the dishwasher for example. Whilst this water does not contain sewage, it still has contaminants and if left untreated, can progress in to category 3 water.

Category 3

Category 3 is water that has been contaminated by sewage and or, bacteria. It often comes from a sewer, but it doesn’t have to. Severe flood waters can also be category 3. This water contains bacteria, harmful chemicals and much more. It is dangerous and unfortunately for that reason, items that come in to contact with this type of water are likely to be unsalvageable, unless they can be decontaminated.

Regardless of the categories of water, it’s important to act quickly. This means contacting a specialist water restoration expert.

ServiceMaster Restore are experts in water restoration. We can attend in less than 4 hours in emergency cases which means we can assess the type of water and damage and get restoration services going as soon as possible to avoid further damage and disruption.

You can read more about our water restoration services here or contact us on 0845 762 6828 in an emergency