To close the office over Christmas or not?

Tis’ the season to be jolly, but is it the season to close the office? 

ServiceMaster Restore is a business that won’t be closing over the Christmas holidays because the services offered are essential and provide urgent help in a customers’ hour of need. However, if your business offers none essential services or products, is it a good idea to close? Here’s some Pro’s & Con’s of doing so.

Why close down?

Stay home to stay safe – During the pandemic, it’s recommended that if you can, you should stay home. Closing the office helps to facilitate this

Prevent employee burn out – Everyone needs a break, particularly after such a testing year

Customer perception – Often customers think that it’s the right thing to do to close over the Christmas period, this can help you to get in the good books and have a good start in the new year

Why stay open?

Keep market share – If you close, customers may look to a competitor to get their goods/services before Christmas

Get ahead – Ready to make a kick-start to 2021, staying open can help you to facilitate this, particularly if other competitors choose to close

Christmas isn’t for everyone – Not everyone celebrates Christmas, so working may be their saviour at this time of year

It’s down to business choice whether to open or close during the festive period, but don’t worry – We are fully open 365 – 24/7 so that we’re available when you need us! 0845 762 6828