Whilst there may not be as many visitors in your home this year as previous ones, the risk of a cranberry sauce or red wine stain is still possible. Take note of our stain removal tips this Christmas to keep your home stain-free for 2021.

What you might need

Add these essential stain removing items to the  Christmas shopping basket; Clean white cloth (cheap flannels are perfect), white vinegar, soap flakes, vodka, white spirit, blotting paper, talcum powder, and remember to always test the treatment in an inconspicuous area first.

  • Cranberry Sauce & Christmas Pudding
    – Scrape away as much as possible, then with a dry cloth, apply a little white vinegar in a sponging action
    – Apply soap flakes (A teaspoonful to a mug of warm water) dab with white vinegar followed by more of the soap solution
    – Rinse with water, dry and the stain should be removed
  • Wine
    – Absorb as much of the wine as possible with kitchen towels then dampen the area with a light spray of water
    – Sprinkle with plenty of talcum powder and cover with more kitchen paper,  a piece of cling film, a heavy book and leave for 12 hours
    – The talcum powder will absorb all the wine and can then be vacuumed away
  • Gravy
    – Scrape up as much as possible.
    – Dab with a soap flakes mixture(A teaspoonful to a mug of warm water), gently sponge (don’t rub) this mixture onto the stain and allow to sit for at least three minutes
    – Absorb the soap mixture with a clean white cotton cloth, repeat until no transfer is visible
    – Rinse with clean water and absorb with a clean white cloth
    – Dry with a hairdryer or leave to naturally dry
  • Goose fat, Brandy butter or Chocolate
    – Same instructions as above
    –  Before drying wipe over with Vodka. You can get yourself a vodka and coke afterwards to treat yourself for your hard work!
  • Tea or Coffee
    – Rinse out with cold water, absorb the water with a clean white cloth until there is no more transfer
    – If any marks are left, call in the professionals
  • Christmas Tree Sap
    – Dab the tree sap with a spot of white spirit on a dry cloth, followed by soap flakes (around a teaspoonful to a mug of warm water)
    – Gently sponge this mixture onto the stain and allow to sit for at least three minutes.
    – Sponge the entire residue out while keeping the stain as dry as possible
  • Candle Wax
    – Place blotting paper over the wax; using the point of an iron warm the stain up until it is absorbed by the paper
    – Keep moving the paper over candle wax until it is all absorbed
    – Dab white spirit onto it with a clean cloth
    – If a colour stain remains, call in the professionals

With these tips on cleaning stains, we hope you have a stain-free Christmas. If you’re unsure on how to remove anything from your fabrics then get in contact with us to discuss our stain removal service. 0845 762 6828