What to expect in 2021

It is for certain that we could not have predicted what 2020 has brought upon us. But what can we expect next year in 2021? 

We very much expect to see many of the protective measures that we have now, remaining in place for 2021, with reduced travel, increased hygiene and specialist guidance to protect the UK from harm.

Increased hygiene measures 

This year we have worn surgical masks and gloves to undertake typical duties such as the weekly shop. This doesn’t look like it’s set to change as yet. Increased hygiene measures will be sure to continue by the way of regular cleaning in general and that of high touch points.


Unfortunately, there is likely to be some uncertainty in the air because of the pandemic and leaving the European Union. This could mean that individuals and business put off large buying decisions and only look to undertake necessary works.

Staying home to stay safe 

Employers will more than likely to continue to operate a skeleton office or remote office for their businesses in hope to protect their employees.

How does the above affect the restoration industry? 

The restoration industry is a necessity. As services are operated in a methodical and hygienic manner, adjusting to change was simple to implement.

As the services of ServiceMaster Restore are reactive, they are less likely to be affected by uncertainty, because they are essential rather than desirable.

As many of us stay home to stay safe, there are many office buildings left unoccupied, leaving them open to frozen pipes risking flooding and faulty electrics to catch fire.

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