Stagnant water

Stagnant water is water with little or no movement, as such, bacteria, insects and vermin can take hold. All of which make the water a very dangerous substance. 

Water can become stagnant in as little as 24 hours and bacteria can begin to grow in as little as 48 hours. So if you’ve had a leak and you know about it, you have a very small window to get it sorted. If you’re unaware of the problem, the problem can get much worse in a short space of time. Fortunately there is technology to help detect leakages and identify traces of water.

Bacteria – There are many strains of bacteria that thrive in stagnant water. They can be extremely harmful if ingested and become an environmental health risk

Insects – In the right conditions, insects can breed in the hundreds and thousands, making it harder to eliminate them.

Vermin – Mice and rats look out for watering holes and in the process, spread lots of nasty diseases.

Prevention is always better than the cure! Proper drainage and ventilation can ensure that water does not build up inside or outside your home or business property, becoming stagnant and dangerous over time. Our technicians can recommend measures you can put in place to reduce the likelihood of the same event happening again in the future.

If you’re unfortunate enough to experience a flood or leak where water, that could be stagnant is present, don’t worry – help is on hand. Our experienced technicians not only drain the water, but decontaminate the area too.

Standing water can be difficult to detect at times, but we have the expertise and equipment to find it and treat it!

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