Removing graffiti and vandalism

Graffiti and vandalism are terribly unsightly on both residential and commercial properties. They can even sometimes be hurtful, discriminative and offensive – so an urgent need in removing graffiti is essential.

Here are some tips in removing graffiti yourself if you wish to try before calling the professionals:

  • Inspect the type of graffiti to choose the most effective removal method
  • Also consider the surface in which the graffiti is on before choosing a removal method
  • Trial a small area first before trying to remove graffiti from the full affected area
  • Jet/power washing is effective in remove chalks and water-based paints
  • For most spray paints, water will not be enough and you will need to use something abrasive such as acetone or a paint stripper
  • Consider repainting the surface if removal is ineffective

The quickest, safest and most effective way to remove graffiti is to call in the experts. We use specialist products and equipment to safely remove all traces of graffiti to restore your property back to its former self. Use your time more effectively by leaving graffiti removal to the professionals.

Or you could call a professional such as ServiceMaster Restore. We are professionals in removing graffiti and restoring all kinds of vandalism. Contact us on 0845 762 6828 /