Spring home maintenance check list

Although it may not seem it, Spring is here! Use our spring home maintenance checklist to  to maintain your property to keep it tidy and damage free.

There are things that you can do both inside and outside of your property, here are some ideas for you to get started:


  • Check your windows! – Ensure that the seals are all in tact to keep the weather out and your property secure
  • Look for damp – Rectifying damp spots, although includes finding the cause. Seek expert advice if needed
  • Spring cleaning – Spring clean the areas that don’t benefit from regular cleaning – such as carpets, blinds, and soft furnishings
  • Go over walls and ceilings – Check for cracks, fill and paint. If cracks reappear, it might be worth considering a structural engineer to check things out for you
  • Bleed radiators – This helps to remove any build up ready for colder evenings and the winter months


  • Clear gutters – Remove any debris, leaves and moss from your gutters to ensure you have effective drainage from your property
  • Inspect your roof – Ensure there are no loose slate tiles or damaged flashing to prevent the elements from getting in
  • Check your driveway – Be sure to check for pot holes and cracks in your drive way that could become a trip hazard or cause damage to your vehicle
  • Go over your external brickwork – Just like you would indoors, take a look at any cracks appearing in-between the bricks that may need repairing
  • Trim hedges, plants and trees – Keep your greenery neat and tidy to ensure it doesn’t become overgrown and shade your home or garden

By following these simple tips, you’ll be sure to spring clean your home, ready to enjoy it throughout the warmer (hopefully) months.

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