If you are a business manager, head teacher or landlord at a school, you will know how important it is to keep the children’s place of study, clean and hygienic for children, staff and visitors alike. Out of term deep cleaning can help to maintain a safe environment for all.

Schools have been at the forefront of the pandemic spread for some time, we have played a great part in ensuring that they remain open following positive cases by providing our on-demand services, but we can also offer deep cleaning on a one of occasion out of term time to keep on top of the general cleanliness.

  • We can help Restore your school back to it’s high standards following several weeks of term time dirt and germ build up
  • We can accommodate working out of hours/out of term
  • All of the products we use are safe to be used in educational environments and are effective in sanitising
  • For any regular maintenance, our sister brand ServiceMaster Clean – can help!

Out of term deep cleaning can help to restore peace of mind for staff, children and parents during a time of uncertainty.

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