Rainwater flooding – Rain, rain go away…

The familiar children’s nursery rhyme has been recited a lot recently due to the days upon days of rain across the country. As such, we’ve seen an influx of individuals and businesses needing our help after they have been a victim of rainwater flooding.

How can you prevent rainwater flooding your property?

  • Clear drains and gutters
  • Keep windows closed (where possible)
  • Sandbags if you are near to bankings
  • Waterproofing

If the above has been unsuccessful, you will need to call the professionals. We can be on hand within 4 hours for a flooding emergency to help clear water from your property, followed by removal and decontamination from rainwater flooding.

There is much more involved than extracting water from your property. As well as extraction, we would successfully dry, clean and decontaminate the property as stagnant water can prove deadly if ingested through ineffective cleaning and sanitisation following rainwater flooding. In every case, it’s better to be safe rather than sorry and the best way to ensure that is to speak to the professionals, ServiceMaster Restore.

Flood restoration needs to be undertaken thoroughly to ensure there is no lasting damage to the property or indeed your health!

For our expert help call 0845 762 6828/ www.servicemasterrestore.co.uk