Lightning safety tips

With storms hitting the UK over the last couple of weeks, we wanted to share with you some essential lightning safety tips to keep you safe. Whilst the wind and rain can be dangerous, so can lightning if it makes contact with you, your property or belongings.

As lightning can travel through an object, it is advised to avoid (if possible) anything electricity can conduct with. Use these tips below to help you to keep safe through a lightning storm.

If you are inside of your home:

  • Stay away from plumbing
  • Refrain use of electrical equipment
  • Avoid using corded phones
  • Keep your distance from windows, doors and porches

If you’re outside:

  • Stay away from elevated areas (Lightning naturally seeks highest ground)
  • Stay low to the ground, but don’t lie down
  • Avoid bodies of water like lakes, rivers and ponds
  • Avoid open fields and trees

If you’re driving:

  • Keep windows and doors shut
  • Leave extra space between the car in front of you and your own
  • Drive slowly

If your property is struck by lightning:

  • Make sure everyone within it is okay
  • Contact the emergency services to notify them and they’ll be able to advice further
  • For any claims, contact your insurance provider or a specialist restoration expert such as ServiceMaster Restore

Follow the above lightning safety tips to stay safe during stormy weather! For extra lightning safety tips, visit the Met Office website.

If you require help in restoring your property following a lightning strike, contact us on 0845 762 6828 /