Protecting workplaces through the second wave

As expected, the second wave has hit and has seen Covid-19 cases rise, despite a second national lockdown, as well as extra precautions and mandatory isolation.

There are measures that you can take to help protect your workforce, particularly in businesses where employees can’t work from home due to the nature of their role and the business.

Enhanced cleaning 

The key to helping keep Covid-19 at bay in the workplace is to maintain high levels of hygiene. This can be done through enhanced cleaning measures using specialist products, equipment and of course, increasing the frequency.

High touch surfaces 

Surfaces that are touched regularly need to be cleaned and disinfected more often. These include light switches, hand rails, controls, door handles and more.

Waste removal

Items in the waste can harbour germs and bacteria, so it’s important to dispose of them safely regularly and effectively.

Clean carpets & upholstery 

Professional carpet cleaning can help to remove germs and bacteria by thorough disinfection and deep cleaning.

Final note

The most effective way of minimising the spread is to follow the most recent government guidance on hygiene and protocols. Effective hand washing and social distancing in the work place helps the workforce to do their bit.

For any confirmed cases of Covid-19 ServiceMaster Restore are on hand to provide reactive deep cleaning and sanitisation to help return work premises back in to a safe state. Contact us on 0845 762 6828 for further information.