Safety during the festivities

We are now in to December and can begin enjoy the festivities (although it will be different this year).

‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’ – for some, not everyone.

According to the National Accident helpline, 1 in 6 house fires occur in December. It could be caused from an overcooked turkey, or faulty fairy lights, but whatever the cause, restoration businesses such as ourselves, are called out over the festivities to help get properties back to normality as soon as possible.

To avoid a visit from the emergency services and restoration companies this Christmas, we recommend that you follow our helpful tips below to stay safe this Christmas:

  • Check fairy lights for electrical faults and replace where necessary
  • Turn off all fairy lights when leaving the house and before going to bed
  • Don’t overload sockets – less is more when it comes to electrical safety
  • Keep Christmas cards away from all direct light/heat sources
  • Cook safely in the kitchen following cooking instructions to avoid overcooking/fire
  • Don’t place Christmas decorations or other obstructions near exits from the property
  • Don’t turn your heating off if you are going on a Christmas break, keep heating on a low setting if anything
  • Check guidance of packaging and dispose of safely
  • Drink safe
  • Stay safe this Christmas!

For any restoration emergencies at your property, call 0845 762 6828 for expert help 24/7 265