Protect your property against rainwater

When heavy rain is forecast, it’s not only a dampener for your spirits, but can be for your property too. It’s essential to protect your property against rainwater. 

There are steps that you can take to help prevent the damage that excess rainwater can cause. Here’s our top 3 to get you started and help you to avoid a flooded property;

  1. Maintain your roof

The sole purpose of your roof is to keep things out of your property such as the weather and keep things in, such as the heat (when you want to).

If the surface is compromised, it can allow things in and out, which in the case of rainwater is very bad.

Get a professional to check your roof for any damage and keep up with the maintenance to keep the inside of your property dry.

  1. Clear your gutters and drains

Water needs to be able to drain away from your property in order not to flood it. Clogged gutters and drains can instead trap water, making an escape of water (in the wrong place) likely.

Remove debris and leaves from your drains and guttering to keep water flowing freely. If you are unable to do this yourself, seek expert help.

  1. Check doors and windows

It’s possible that the seals on your doors and windows can weaken over time.

Check the seals of your doors and windows to ensure that they are intact and tight. If there are any breakages or weak points, you can arrange for them to be resealed/re-beaded if your windows are in good condition themselves.

If our advice has unfortunately come too late, we can help.

ServiceMaster Restore can professionally dry your property in the event of an escape of water or a flood. If you need our expert help, call 0845 762 6828