Reopening – When it’s safe to do so

The COVID-19 pandemic brought many business operations to a total stand still. With ‘lockdown’ slowly easing, some businesses are finding themselves able to operate again following government advice, in what is commonly known as the ‘new normal’. Here’s some information you may find useful to your business reopening when it’s safe to do so.

Things will be noticeably different though, including social distancing, increased hygiene measures and reduced numbers of individuals in the business at one time.

Three tips on getting back to work safely:

  1. Be organised!

Back to work plan

As things will have changed indefinitely, it’s important to plan ahead as to how things will now work. It’s a good starting point and can ensure that nothing is missed and things run more smoothly.

Risk Assessment

The risks involving your business are now different. Therefore, it’s important to create a new risk assessment to reflect the risk that COVID-19 has brought to your business including your employees and customers.


  1. Be clean!

Deep clean & sanitise

As your business has been closed for a period of time, it’s good to get back on top of things with a full deep clean and sanitisation. This is something that you may wish to undertake yourself, or arrange for professional help through a specialist business such as ServiceMaster Restore.

Hygiene procedures

You should also put in to place thorough ongoing hygiene procedures, such as commitments to sanitise ‘high touch’ areas and personal hygiene procedures, such as handwashing, hand sanitiser and/or PPE.


  1. Inform & educate!

Signage, guidance & instructions

Customers and employees need to be made aware of what is expected of them whilst on your premises. It’s important to ensure that they have sufficient guidance, instructions and signage to remind them of the procedures in place, i.e. handwashing, 2m distancing and other important safety guidelines.

Outward messaging

Do customers know that you are due to open? Do they know what to expect once they arrive and are within your business? Now is a good time to let them know effectively. Ensure that your message is clear and is communicated via the most effective channels for your customers. The same goes for your employees, let them know as much information as possible before coming back in to work.

There are many more considerations before reopening when it’s safe. If you need further advice on reopening, speak to your local council or visit the .gov website. 

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