Open water safety

When we experience warmer weather here in the UK, it is a good time to bring up the topic of open water safety.

This is because it isn’t uncommon for many individuals to choose to cool down in open waters.

Open waters do have their dangers though and it’s important to consider the following when making a judgement;


  • Drowning –  223 drowned in the UK in 2019
  • Injury – A high number of individuals became injured from entering open waters

There are ways that you can keep yourself and your family safe when enjoying being outdoors during the warmer weather, including;

  • Swimming isn’t recommended in places other than purpose made swimming pools – do not purposely enter open water
  • Don’t mix swimming with alcohol – the two don’t mix and can be very dangerous
  • Don’t allow children to swim unsupervised
  • Don’t tamper with life saving equipment

If you fall in, 

Lie on your back and float by pushing your stomach up and extending your limbs to help you in doing so. It’s important to manage your breathing and not panic.

If someone else falls in, 

Call 999 without delay, if you do not have access to a phone, shout for help and do not enter the water. If you can communicate with the person in the water, try and get them to float on their back, maintaining clear airways until help arrives.

Open water safety is important! Remember that water may look tranquil or shallow, but it there could be a dangerous undercurrent. It’s also misconceiving that water is warm, it can be at the surface but just a few feet deeper it can be icy cold.

The best course of action is to avoid it and find other, safer ways to cool down.

We hope that our tips on open water safety help to keep you and others, SAFE.

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