Electrical cable safety in the workplace

Electrical cable safety in the workplace is exceptionally important. This is because electricity is a common feature in the work place. It’s used to power most things including computers, printers, copiers and other equipment depending where it is in the business.

Here are some tips to reduce the dangers of electrical cables in the workplace;

Tripping hazards can be blamed for many accidents within the workplace, to reduce the likelihood,

  • Rearrange furniture to take cables away from the path of footfall within the office
  • Tape down or clearly mark any cables that can’t be hidden

Electric shock hazards are less common, but extremely dangerous, follow this guidance to avoid them;

  • Maintain electrical equipment and replace when necessary
  • Keep cords away from sources of water and heat
  • Only use electrical equipment that has been PAT tested for use in a business

Fire hazards are equally as common and as dangerous as electric shock hazards, it’s important to take note of the following;

  • Do not overload sockets
  • Reduce the number of cables located together
  • Don’t run cables beneath rugs or carpets
  • Create a fire safety checklist covering all of the above

Keep your employees and other visitors safe by following the above guidance for electrical cable safety in the workplace.

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