Keeping safe on Bonfire Night

Although Bonfire Night is likely to be very different this year, it’s still very important to ensure that you keep you, your family and your property safe on bonfire night.

We’ve put together a few handy tips for the bonfire and any fireworks you decide to let off.

The Bonfire

If you’re having a bonfire at home there are a few things that you need to consider:

  • Ensure your bonfire is at least 18 metres away from your house, any trees, hedges, sheds or fences etc. If your garden isn’t big enough to follow this rule, don’t have a bonfire
  • Make sure someone is attending to the fire from a safe distance at all times, just in case any sparks fly somewhere you don’t want them to
  • Put some kind of control in place to make sure the bonfire doesn’t get too high
  • Build your bonfire from dry materials, any wet wood will smoke a lot more. Potentially causing smoke damage to the surrounding area
  • Don’t build your bonfire too early in the day as wildlife may crawl inside
  • The most obvious one, that surprisingly still occurs and causes severe injuries and damage to homes, is putting petrol or another flammable substance on the bonfire and lighting it
  • Ensure you have a few buckets of water, and/or hosepipe to put the fire out in case of an emergency and at the end of the night.


You probably wouldn’t be surprised if we told that the main cause of property damage on bonfire night is the fireworks not going directly up.

Each firework you buy will have different setup instructions, therefore, make sure you read these to keep yourselves and others safe.

Remember, remember…

If the rules regarding fireworks and bonfires aren’t followed, this can sometimes affect your insurance, and you may not be covered. This usually occurs when the policyholder sets of fireworks or sets up the bonfire to close to their home.

We want you to be safe and enjoy your bonfire night, so following these simple rules is a necessity.

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