Keeping premises open during the Covid-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that many premises have been forced to close indefinately both due to the tier system and following a positive case of Coronavirus. 

Most establishments make the difficult decision to close for a period of time following a positive case of Covid-19 when this is simply not required, if the premises have been deep cleaned and sanitised. Often the problem is getting an employee to undertake this job whilst risking their health and it’s easy to see why most employees wouldn’t want to tackle it.

Equally, eradicating a virus needs to be done effectively, otherwise it is a total waste of time and resource. There are only certain products effective in killing certain viruses and specialist cleaning techniques need to be used to ensure effective use of the products. It’s not an easy job, particularly for an individual with no experience in cleaning and sanitising.

ServiceMaster Restore are professionals in providing deep cleaning and sanitisation services. From the products and equipments that we use, right down to the PPE that we wear to protect our employees and our customers.

We aim to respond quickly following a positive case of Covid-19 to effectively clean and sanitise the premises, making it safe for the building to reopen as soon as possible.

When bystanders see our distinctive yellow and grey branded vehicles, they are reassured that the professionals are on site to clean, sanitise and return the property back in to its previously safe condition.

Save our contact details in case you require our responsive deep cleaning and sanitisation services in the future. 

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