Protect your business during the dark hours

The autumn and winter months see us spending evenings in the dark as the daylight hours are reduced, even more so when the clocks ‘fall back’.

Unfortunately, the dark can sometimes be an excuse for thieves and vagabonds to operate in the comfort of reduced visibility hiding their every move. Below are FIVE simple tips that you can take to protect your business in the darker nights and mornings.

  1. CCTV – Most CCTV now can operate in the dark and provide clear footage both in real time and by recording. It’s important to check that the model that you choose has a clear of a picture in the dark, as it does in daylight
  2. Floodlights and security lighting – Often a good deterrent in the first place, floodlighting and security lighting can startle intruders and put them off from any wrongdoing because the area is well lit
  3. Alarm system – Whilst an alarm can’t see, it can sense any wrong doing so that an alarm is sounded should there be an intruder on the property. The alarm siren itself is often enough to scare someone away, or notify others of an issue
  4. Locks – Prevention is often better than the cure. Prevent intruders from getting in, in the first place by using security locks and security systems
  5. Monitoring – Depending on the size of your business (and budget) you could consider hiring 24/7 monitoring by security personnel to keep a watchful eye over your premises all of the time

We hope that those five tips help some way in helping you to protect your business during the darker hours, but if you are unfortunate enough to be the victim of vandalism or anti-social damage, contact our team today for our restoration help.