Is your business covered for adverse weather?

As we sit comfortably in the Autumn season, with Winter just around the corner, it’s a good time to ensure that your business is protected against adverse weather conditions. 

Adverse weather can affect all aspects of your business. From the property itself, to the stock or even loss of earnings from being unable to trade. Therefore, it’s essential to protect as much of your business as possible. Insurance products can help you to do this.

Types of insurance cover

There are insurance products on the market to cover your business against such things.

Business property insurance – This generally covers your business against most adverse weather related damage to your property

Business contents insurance – Typically covering equipment, furniture and other business contents from the aftereffects of adverse weather damage

Business interruption insurance – Covers some, if not all of the loss of earnings faced due to adverse weather related incidents

There are other specific insurance products to protect your business in different ways, however these are the main ones most consider when arranging insurance policies.

Important considerations

It’s good to check on the insurance policies what is considered as ‘adverse weather’ and to what extent that you are covered. You may wish to choose a different policy or upgrade/downgrade the cover to suit your business needs.

Also don’t forget to read the small print. This could be the difference between a claim being accepted or not. It’s always a good idea to ensure that you meet the specific criteria to use the policy just in case you are unfortunate enough to need to.

Finally, if you choose not to use your insurance to resolve the damage to your building or contents, you can choose to use a professional restoration company such as ServiceMaster Restore. Call us in an emergency on 0845 762 6828.