Factors affecting the cost of water damage restoration

If you’re reading this blog, you may be unfortunate enough to experience water damage to your property and be wondering what are the factors affecting the cost of water damage restoration.

Well here’s 10 possible factors affecting the cost of water damage restoration:

  1. Size of the affected area – The larger the affected area, the longer period of time it takes to restore the water damage. Size can also mean more products, equipment and materials as well as time too!
  2. Amount of water – The more water you have, the more likely it is to spread. High volume leaks can take a lot of extraction and drying, thus making the restoration a larger job
  3. Type of water – The 3 different categories of water (see blog on categories of water here) affect the equipment and time it takes to clear it up
  4. Where the water is coming from – The source of water will affect the type of clean up required, again affecting timing and equipment needed to restore it
  5. If water is still present – It may be a case of extracting the water first, before the drying and clean up process can begin. This extra stage in the process can make it more costly
  6. Time since the water damage began – The amount of time the water has been present can reflect the damage caused and what is required to restore it
  7. Types of materials affected – Different materials react to water in different ways. Some materials are better at withstanding water than others so it all depends on what’s affected and if it can be restored easily, with difficultly or not at all and needs to be replaced
  8. Mould growth – Is another type of restoration that may be needed if it is apparent within your property as it can be seriously dangerous to health
  9. Weather – The weather can affect the time it takes for your property to dry out if it works against dehumidifiers rather than with them to naturally dry the property
  10. Reconstruction needed – Repair and replacement will be taken in to consideration with regards to cost and timing

That said, the costs are small in relation to saving your property and making it safe for you to live in.

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