Case Study – Emergency flood response

Flooding can occur at any time. Whatever the cause – an extreme weather event or a burst water pipe, flooding can cause extensive property damage and even create a health hazard. An appropriate clean-up and restoration procedure is essential to minimise the damage and health risk.

Our technicians have the specialist skills and equipment to respond to the emergency and take the situation under control. Here is how we do it.

Our emergency flood response

On arrival at the property, our team assess the risks and plan the clean-up approach.

We know flooding can be stressful, so we deal with the situation calmly and sensitively, providing customer advice and support throughout.

Combining powerful machinery with specialist products, we can extract water and sanitise at the same time. This process removes standing water rapidly while minimising the potential health risks from contaminated water. When that stage is complete, we install drying equipment to prevent further damage from moisture in the atmosphere.

Next steps

With the initial clean-up done, we report back to our customer, including photo evidence, to keep them up to date on progress.

After the initial emergency response and damage containment, we conduct a specialist in-depth drying process to remove all water from the building’s fabric.

Why use ServiceMaster Restore Exeter?

Our rapid response service reduces flood damage and safeguards health. We aim to return the property to normal use in the shortest possible timescale while minimising disruption and fully supporting our customers.

For advice on dealing with the aftermath of a flood, please contact us on 01803 200278.