ServiceMaster Restore Swansea

Say hello to Jamie Williams, who is making a triumphant return as a ServiceMaster franchisee as the new owner of ServiceMaster Restore Swansea.

Jamie Williams’ work history has stood him in good stead to run his new business, ServiceMaster Restore Swansea.

He begins his new chapter with prior experience as a ServiceMaster franchise and over a decade working in the disaster restoration industry.

Around 20 years ago, Jamie started working for the disaster restoration company Rainbow International.

After some time there, Jamie moved on and joined the ServiceMaster brand family as a technician at ServiceMaster Clean in Auburn and Bridgend.

Two years later, the owner announced he wanted to sell his business. Jamie and a colleague expressed interest and bought it from him.

Then, after over a decade as a ServiceMaster Clean franchisee, which saw the birth of his twin girls, Jamie and his business partner decided not to renew their licences.

Two years and a global pandemic later, Jamie is re-entering the network as the sole owner of ServiceMaster Restore Swansea.

He says he is ready to put all his experience to good use by aiding people in need in his local community. Be they faced with a fire, flooding, or something else.

Jamie’s Restoration Expertise

Jamie has decades of practice working with the British Damage Management Association (BDMA) and carrying out all the relevant processes that make your home and business look and feel like itself again, such as listing, stripping out rooms, and installing drying equipment.

Jamie says he’s looking forward to assisting his customers with efficiency and compassion by ensuring a quick and effective turnaround on their claims.

“If the council as rings us on a Monday,” Jamie cites as an example, “We’ll be there within 24 hours and hopefully either have it repaired then and there or put a program into place so it’ll be a quick turnaround. Within a fortnight, they could have their tenant or whoever back in the property.”

“That is the most rewarding thing: helping and assisting people as quickly as possible,” he says.

The work we do

For Jamie, being a ServiceMaster Restore franchisee means making a difference to people when they need it most.

“When you first walk into a property, the people you see are very upset, and by the end, they’re happy because they’ve got a new kitchen,” he says.

With over 60 years as nationwide leaders in the cleaning and disaster restoration industry, ServiceMaster Restore and our franchisees are uniquely placed to deliver quick, effective and professional service to support you when it counts.

In need of professional disaster restoration services?

Whether you find yourself struggling in the wake of a natural disaster, an accident in the home, at work, or something else entirely – our technicians have the equipment and know-how to make your property like new again.

If you are in the Swansea area and require expert help from disaster restoration professionals, contact Jamie on 01792 439940.

And for nationwide disaster restoration services, call 0845 762 6828 in an emergency or find your nearest ServiceMaster Restore business here.