What to do with paper possessions and valuables after a flood

Being affected by a flood is terrible in itself, but then to have to worry about your paper possessions after a flood is another worry. 

There are things that you can do to help save as many of your paper possessions as possible before they become too badly damaged through stagnant water and waste. Paper is extremely fragile, so here are some tips that may work.


Consider what photos that you’d be able to reprint and prioritise the ones that you won’t. For those that you can’t reprint, rinse them in fresh water and set them out to dry. It’s important to handle photographs by the corners where possible as they will be particularly fragile.


Any heirloom or artist pieces of value should be assessed. Anything that you’d like to try and save for yourself should be carefully removed from it’s frame and air dried.


Go through what you have and decide what’s worth keeping (i.e. can’t be replaced). Carefully dry groups of pages by placing paper towels between them or putting the book on the edge that is the driest.

Prevention better than the cure

Being affected by flooding is a very distressing time for all involved. Particularly if you lose any treasured contents. Prevention is often better than the cure and in protecting valuable items by careful packaging or storage, you could avoid losing any treasured possessions. You should also remember for anything that is worth considerable value to replace, that you should get it professionally valued and outlined in your insurance policy. There are often costs associated with valuations and insuring additional items, but it is well worth it should the worst happen.

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