Water leak – drying & reinstatement works

A water leak from the meter was discovered in a property occupied by an elderly lady who was very vulnerable.  Due to the considerable time the leak had been ongoing before being noticed by the occupant, the flooring had become wet and some of the end panels, plinths and the under sink cupboard were badly blown.

Following the initial call, quotation and acceptance

During our inspection we found this kitchen was fitted by the occupant’s late husband in the 1970’s but had been kept in immaculate condition baring sentimental value.

Because of the occupant’s delicate state, the daughter was dealing with the situation on the occupant’s behalf. We discussed removing the damaged kitchen base unit, replacing the damaged end panels to 3 further units and all the kickboards/plinths.

Due to the age and size of the units it was not possible to simply obtain replacements over the counter, instead our joiner manufactured the new parts (a new carcase, end panels and plinths) purpose built to match the existing fit and design of the occupant’s kitchen.

Our joiner was able to install the replacement parts without causing the occupant any further disruption.

Had the customer gone through her own insurance, they would not have looked at the repair option, but would have instead replaced the full kitchen, increasing costs as not considering the sentimental value to the customer.

We were able to save the entire kitchen except for the affected areas which saved our client in the region of £6000 – £7000 for a replacement kitchen.