Water leak remedial using Injection Drying

A leak from the mains supply had occurred when it had been under pressure after repairs to the mains supply. Water had run from a joint under the floor in the master bedroom and down the wall and ceiling of the bedroom and kitchen below. The water had then run along underneath the solid oak veneered engineered wood flooring of the hallway directly outside the bedroom and kitchen areas causing the wood floor to warp. This wood flooring ran throughout most of the penthouse apartment.

Following the initial call, quotation and acceptance

We arrived on site and cut away sections of the chipboard floor for inspection of the insulation and make up.

Due to the many layers required between each apartment, we identified the best drying process for us to use would be injection drying.

The customer made us aware that they were going away in two weeks time, so needed works to be completed by then. They had also had a brand new kitchen fitted recently and asked us to dry the property without removing it if possible.

We expertly installed the drying equipment and once we were satisfied that the apartment was dry, we then carried out a full refurbishment to the affected areas.

Through utilising our injection drying equipment, we didn’t need to remove walls, the kitchen or more flooring than we needed to. We believe we saved the water company £15,000 – £20,000 on this claim.

Finally, the customer was able to go on holiday with their new kitchen intact and their apartment dry and refurbished.