Decontamination Services – Deep clean, sanitisation & fogging

Our client had a confirmed case of COVID-19 within their building. Resulting in the areas affected being closed and unable to be used. Before it could be used again the areas needed to be thoroughly cleaned, sanitised and fogged. Quick attendance within 24 hours meant that the areas could be deep cleaned, sanitised and fogged, making the areas safe to enable a swift re-opening.

Following the initial call, quotation and acceptance

We arrived on site and carried out the full deep clean, sanitisation and fogging within 24 hours of the initial call. All areas were thoroughly deep cleaned, all touch points sanitised using an EPA tested anti-viral cleaner.

Final fogging was carried out in of all areas to ensure any airborne particles disturbed from the cleaning process were neutralised.

Providing this quick turnaround within just 24 hours, ensured that the business was able to reopen as soon as possible, reducing down time and providing peace of mind to those who use the area as it had been deep cleaned, sanitised and fogged to make the area safe for use.