As we’ve been experiencing some hot weather recently, it’s important to ensure that electronics you practise summer electronics safety

Here’s some great tips on keeping your electrical equipment cool, whilst your home or business is warm!

  1. Ventilation – Ensure there is sufficient ventilation in the room/rooms where equipment is kept. If there’s not access to breeze from an open window or vents, it may be worth investing in a fan or air conditioning unit
  2. Storage away from sunlight/heat – Even when not in use, store your electrical items out of direct heat and sunlight as damage can occur internally whilst not in use and may cause malfunction the next time you come to use your equipment
  3. Maintenance – Proper maintenance of your equipment, particularly of any internal cooling/ventilation functions will ensure it is more likely to work safely
  4. Don’t stack – Do not stack electrical items on top of each other. Stacking can increase the temperature of equipment to much higher temperatures
  5. Keep it clean – Dirt and dust can become trapped, particularly in air vents and other mechanical parts that need to be kept cool. Blockages can prevent effective cooling, so it’s important to keep your equipment clean

In case of emergency, shut the equipment down and remove from the power supply safely.

We hope the above tips on summer electronics safety are helpful in keeping you safe this summer whilst using electronics.

If you’ve been the victim of fire damage due to your equipment overheating, we can help to restore your property.

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