Outdoor heating safety

Outdoor heating safety is an important consideration all year round!

Thinking about dining al fresco or spending more evenings outdoors after sunset? You might find the evenings aren’t quite as warm as you’d like and a patio heater is a great way to heat outdoor space for these occasions. But how can you ensure you operate them safely?

Read our tips below on outdoor heating safety;

  • Storage – When not in use, store the patio heater safely in a cool and try area. Ensure that it is protected in a way to ensure that dirt, debris and insects cannot make their way in to it to hinder it’s future use
  • Cleaning – If it’s dirty, you can clean the outside parts with a mixture of soap and water, ensuring it is completely dry before use
  • Weather – Use only in dry weather and avoid using in windy conditions unless it is secured to the ground with brackets or weights
  • Set up –  When moving the patio heater to the desired location, never do this whilst the flame is lit. Always ensure that there is a clear path for movement
  • Usage – Position the patio heater away from fire risks, such as flammable materials and don’t place anything above or below the heater that could reduce the natural air flow

Enjoy your time outdoors safely by following the above tips on outdoor heating safety.

If however, you’ve been unfortunate enough to experience fire damage, give our fire restoration experts a call on 0845 762 6828 or visit www.servicemasterrestore.co.uk/