Say no to DIY mould removal

It’s really important to say ‘no’ to DIY mould removal as you could make the case of mould worse!

But what is mould?

Mould is a fungus that grows where there is moisture. Typically found in damp places and areas where there has been a leakage, mould is unsightly and can be dangerous in some cases.

Indoor mould is a threat to your health as the mould spores can irritate your respiratory and immune systems making you unwell. That’s one of the reasons why it’s not a good idea to do DIY mould removal in your home. When disrupted, mould spores can easily become airborne. This gives them easier access in to your respiratory system, as well as others within your home.

Painting over, spraying with bleach or cleaning products is commonly explored by individuals who are looking to undertake DIY mould removal. As previously explained this is dangerous to health and should be completed avoided. Particularly when you won’t know the type of mould you are dealing with and if you have entirely eradicated it.

What is causing the mould is a good place to start as this generally points to excess water in your home through a water leak. Finding the route cause can help to prevent the mould coming back once it has been safely removed.

There are lots of different types of mould. Some are more dangerous and more difficult to clean than others. Without knowing what you are dealing with, it is much safer to leave the problem alone and call in the experts.

ServiceMaster Restore are experienced in not only finding the route cause of the mould, but restoring your property back to a pre-mould condition through proper inspection, removal and cleaning of your home. This professional service will most certainly save you valuable time and will protect your health.

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