Sanitisation of building sites, preparing for when lockdown measures ease

A major house builder, wanted ‘reassurance cleans’ as part of their contingency plans when Lockdown was announced. They wanted to ensure staff, visitors & the general public felt reassured and were safe when they reopen their sites across the UK as lockdown measures are eased. Many people are eager to get back to normal but understandable many are more cautious, a high level of hygiene and cleanliness has never been more important. With their Disaster Restoration background, ServiceMaster Restore are highly experienced in carrying out Deep cleans and decontamination and have put that experience to good use over the last couple of months, providing deep cleans and decontaminations for a whole host of clients & industries.

For the house builder, all sites needed to have the sales centre, showhouses, site offices and site welfare facilities deep cleaned. All of the touch points were sanitised using an EPA tested anti-viral cleaner. Finally the ServiceMaster Restore technicians carried out fogging of all areas to ensure any particles disturbed and airborne from the cleaning process were neutralised.

To ensure you get the benefit from decontamination with fogging, a deep clean of all surfaces is essential in the first instance.

Each area was then sealed with tape across the doors, the tape was dated and named so that it would be evident if the seal was been broken prior to the return to work and so a re-clean could be requested if required.

A programme of monthly deep cleans is also planned for an ongoing cleaning regime once the site is open.