kitchen fire

ServiceMaster Restore technicians deep clean and sanitise following kitchen fire

A Facilities Management Company called and asked ServiceMaster Restore to clean and decontaminate the after effects of a kitchen fire. The resident had cooking oil on the hob which had overheated and caught fire, in the panic the resident put the burning pan in the sink and poured water on it trying to put out the fire but instead caused a flash fire and damage to the kitchen, causing smoke damage, soot and greasy residue in the kitchen.

Due to the COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, the initial quotation was provided based on detailed photographs sent from the client on site. This not only allowed ServiceMaster Restore technicians to follow the social distancing restrictions but also allowed time saving and any costs associated with a site visit.

Following approval of the quotation, ServiceMaster Restore technicians booked a suitable time to arrive on site whilst the property could be vacated to carry out a full clean down of all kitchen units, walls and ceilings.

To ensure all surfaces were fully decontaminated, the inside of all cupboards and all of the items within were also cleaned as they were coated in the potentially toxic soot residues.

Due to the rapid response the resident was able to reuse the kitchen in less than a week rather than have to cook in potentially dangerous smoke & soot filled kitchen or be confined to a reduced living space with the lockdown put in place.

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