Drying and reinstatement following an escape of water

A busy public house found an ongoing leak from 8 years previous as water finally entered the property through the gents toilets. This caused the tiles to blow & the built in units to be badly damaged. 

Whilst the gents toilets were unusable, trailered event style gents toilets in the car park were installed as a temporary measure, but would not be sufficient long term.

Following the initial call, quotation and acceptance

Our technicians were allocated the work. The technicians arrived on site to fully strip out the area comprising of urinals, sink units, hand dryer, cap off & remove radiator, fully tiled walls and floors. We also had to strip the wallpaper and architraves.

During the strip out works we sheeted up the carpets to protect any secondary damage. Once strip out works were completed we then installed drying equipment to reduce moisture levels so re-instatement works could begin. 

Once drying works were complete, we then re-instated the entire toilets and off-hired the temporary toilets so that the public house could fully re-open to the public. 

This entire job was completed within 4 weeks and due to the temporary facilities that we put in place as part of our works, the public house experienced