Injection Drying following on from an escape of water due to burst water mains

The client had a mains burst which resulted in 6” of water flooding the basement. The water got behind the plasterboard and various boxed areas resulting in high damp metre readings and bad staining to the walls.

Following the initial call, quotation and acceptance

We arrived on site and positioned drying equipment to reduce the humidity levels and prevent further secondary damage.

The team identified trapped water and moisture within the screeded subfloor, the subfloor would not have dried naturally. As such, we intervened and carefully drilled the screed to install our pressure drying equipment which pulled over 80 litres of standing water in the first few hours.

Providing this quick turnaround meant that we were able to utilise our injection drying equipment which saved the customer time and money.

A full strip out and refurbishment would have cost somewhere in the region of £20,000. We were able to pressure dry the basement effectively for £6,000, giving the customer a saving of £14,000.