Drying & decontamination following localised flooding

Following severe floods, a TV studio was severely affected by localised flooding which caused a halt on filming as the studio was badly affected.

Following the initial call, quotation and acceptance

We arrived on site and extracted water from the carpets initially, followed by a full deep clean and sanitisation to the warehouse and studio.

Drying equipment was installed, but unfortunately the studio was affected by a further flood of over 5ft of water whilst the drying was taking place. The flood water brought in mud and slurry which destroyed much of the building contents, the filming sets and our drying equipment that we had installed.

We removed the drying equipment and began the vast clean up. Our team attended for a full week to remove the mud, slurry, damaged contents before cleaning and sanitising the whole area.

Finally, we completed a full clean up to the car park before usual filming resumed.

Our quick and effective solutions enabled the film crew to resume filming and meet the deadlines that were in place.