Clean, hygienic and SAFE


It has never been more important to ensure of a clean, hygienic and safe environment for your employees and customers.

The Coronavirus has shaken up the entire world. It’s meant that businesses have had to change the way that they operate to accommodate the ‘new normal’. One particular area of business that has been well highlighted is ‘cleaning‘. Here’s why;

Revisiting Cleaning Regimes

Are the current cleaning regimes, thorough and regular enough to ensure that premises are as clean and hygienic as possible?

The last thing that any business would want, is for an employee or a customer to potentially contract something after visiting their premises.

Many businesses are now choosing to outsource cleaning to professionals for deep cleans ahead of reopening or continuous cleaning throughout business operation to ensure of a clean and hygienic environment.

Products & Processes Effectiveness

Now is a good time to check that cleaning products and processes are effective against viruses, bacterias and infections.

The manufacturer of the product or piece of equipment will also recommend the most effective way of using it. I.e. application, dwell time and other specific instructions for best use.

Employee & Customer Reassurance 

By having proper cleaning measures in place, it is reassuring for employees and customers to know that a business is doing everything that it can to ensure that the environment is clean, hygienic and safe.

Some businesses choose to have visible cleaning throughout the day for that extra peace of mind. High touch point cleaning is an excellent cleaning regime for this, ensuring the most touched places are sanitised often.

ServiceMaster Restore specialise in deep cleaning and sanitisation. We can recommend solutions to suit your requirements whether for a deep clean ahead of reopening, or a schedule of deep cleans to supplement any regular cleaning regime. 

We understand the importance of ensuring that your premises are clean, hygienic and safe for both your employees and customers. Our cleaning products and processes are effective against bacteria, infections and enveloped viruses (such as previous strains of COVID-19).

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