ServiceMaster Restore technicians providing deep cleaning and sanitisation for NHS buildings

The ServiceMaster Restore team were called in by a local construction company. The construction company had been using a hospital area as a site administration office during construction work but the area needed to be converted and used for an expected rush of COVID-19 patients. Before it could be converted the area needed to be thoroughly cleaned, sanitised and fogged before NHS staff could move in and start using the area; and it all needed to be done within 72 hours.

Following the initial call, quotation and acceptance, ServiceMaster Restore were allocated the work. The technicians arrived on site and carried out the full deep clean, decontamination and fogging within 48 hours of the initial call.

All areas were thoroughly deep cleaned, all touch points sanitised using an EPA tested anti-viral cleaner. Final fogging was carried out in of all areas to ensure any airborne particles disturbed from the cleaning process were neutralised.

Providing this quick turnaround gave the hospital more time to set up and prepare the area for potential incoming patients so removing some of the added pressure.

Just 72 hours after the initial request the area was being used by the hospital staff knowing they were in a clean and safe environment.

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