It’s important to be aware of the Bonfire Night safety tips before enjoying the celebrations. Read on for some helpful Bonfire Night safety tips to keep you, your family and friends safe, this Bonfire Night.

Did you know that thousands of out of control bonfires are attended by the Fire Brigade each year? Help to keep the Fire Brigade accessible for fires that can’t be prevented by following these simple Bonfire Night safety tips:

If you’re going to host a bonfire…

  • Check there is no wildlife and no pets where you are going to build your bonfire
  • Build your bonfire clear away from buildings, sheds, fences and hedges
  • Don’t light your bonfire with flammable liquids
  • Don’t burn dangerous items such as aerosol cans, paint tins, batteries or foam filled furniture
  • Always have a clear access to plenty of water in case you need to use it (buckets/hose pipe)
  • Never leave a bonfire unattended, if you do have to leave, ensure it is damped out

We really like this great video from the London Fire Brigade on how to build a bonfire, watch it on YouTube.

To avoid smoke getting in to your home, remember to close windows and keep doors closed. Any clothing worn for the bonfire should ideally be washed quickly to avoid the smell entering your home.

If you are unfortunate enough to be negatively affected by a bonfire, call 999 immediately. For the aftermath and restoration, we can help. Visit our fire and smoke restoration page for further information on our professional fire and smoke restoration services or call 0845 762 6828