What is disaster restoration?

Put simply, disaster restoration describes the remedial work involved post disaster – whether it be fire, flood, malicious damage or another kind of disaster. 

A company such as ServiceMaster Restore, specialise in these kind of remedial works to help restore damaged premises, whether domestic or commercial, back to their pre-disaster state – and often better than it!

One of the first on the scene

We are one of the first on the scene to take part in the initial clean up of the after events. Restoration specialists have to be able to act quickly, often to prevent further damage from happening, but to also get the restoration works started sooner, rather than later, to allow for a speedy recovery of the premises.

A risky job, but someone has to do it

It can certainly be risky work, particularly when things have moved due to the weakening of buildings because of the damage caused from the disaster, and as such, it genuinely pays to use a professional to ensure that your property is made safe, and those working on it, know how to do so safely.

All, is not always what it seems

One of the biggest challenges a restorative technician faces, is finding the root cause of the disaster and also ensuring that all of the damage has been sought, and is being dealt with. If damage is missed, such as trapped water or mould, it can be very dangerous if not spotted and removed. An expert restorative technician is able to conduct thorough checks on the property to ensure that all damage has been restored and the root cause is no longer an issue.

Specialist tools, equipment and expertise 

Restoring a property back to it’s former glory takes specialist tools, equipment and expertise. It’s really important to have all three to ensure that a property is restored effectively i.e. in the safest and quickest way, without compromising the results of the restoration.

Being a strong communicator in sensitive situations

It’s important to remember that often as a result of a disaster in the home or business, that there has been significant loss. So as well as being specialists in restoring properties, technicians also need to have strong communication skills to use in sensitive situations.

For professional restoration services, you can trust ServiceMaster Restore to provide a prompt, effective and sensitive solution to a disaster in the home or business. Call 0845 762 6828 to speak to a member of our team.