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Yellow and amber snow warnings are in place across the UK for an ongoing cold snap.

Snow can be more than an inconvenience.

The threat of home and business property damage and personal injury is prominent.

Here are our tips for staying safe in the snow:

  • Use caution when using heaters. Keep space heaters away from flammable materials and turn them off when you leave the room
  • Turn off outdoor water sources to prevent frozen or burst pipes
  • Clear snow and ice from walkways by shovelling and gritting to counteract any slips and or falls
  • If you need to drive anywhere, drive cautiously, slow down, and give yourself plenty of stopping distance on the snowy and icy roads
  • Clear your gutters of leaves or other debris so that any melting snow won’t collect and can flow away easily.
  • Check your insulation. If it is inadequate, warmth from the house could rise into the attic and cause a damn of ice on the roof as snow freezes in your gutters.
  • Keep windows closed – where possible.
  • Put up sandbags to prevent flooding from melting snow, especially if you are near banks.
  • Grit walkways outdoors to avoid slipping on ice.

Stay safe and warm during the snowy weather!

In need of home or business restoration?

Should the worst happen and the weather creates a serious accident or incident in your home or business, we will help with the aftermath and restoration.

For further information on our services, call 0845 762 6828 for emergency help in fire, floor and trauma damage or find your nearest ServiceMaster Restore business now.