Protect your property against flood damage

The British summer weather of 2020 has been particularly unsettled. From heatwaves to thunderstorms, it’s a challenge knowing whether to go to the beach or to protect your building against flood damage.

Just in case it’s the latter, we wanted to give you a few easy tips on how to protect your building and it’s contents against flood damage;


One of the most obvious flood prevention tools. A sandbag helps to keep rising water away from the entry points of your premises. You can typically obtain these from the local builders merchants.

Temporary seals

You can obtain temporary seals to fit windows and doors to stop flood water gaining entry during a flood. These can be removed once the water is no longer near the building as they are only meant as a temporary measure.

Air brick covers 

Again, another temporary measure. You can get covers that fit neatly in to the holes in air bricks to prevent water from running through them. They will need to be removed after the flood so that the brick can fully dry out.

Waterproof bags 

These can be used for almost anything as they can come in pretty much any size. Small enough for jewellery and large enough to even fit a car.

Have a move around 

Just in case water does manage to gain entry in to the property, it’s a good idea to move items that could be damaged out of reach. Particular high value and electrical items.

In this unfortunate event, you’ll need to have your property inspected, professionally dried, cleaned and restored back to it’s former glory. That is something that the professionals at ServiceMaster Restore can help with!

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