Know your fire extinguishers

It’s important to know your fire extinguishers for use in your home or business so that if the worst should happen, you know which one to select. This is because they all have their benefits and draw backs.

It’s a good idea to have the most suitable fire extinguisher for your property for incidents where making a quick decision to use a fire extinguisher can help to prevent things from getting worse.

Here are the benefits and drawbacks of the types of extinguisher;

Water – A good solution for in the home. Great for tackling fires with paper, furnishings or wood. This type of extinguisher works by cooling the burning materials whilst extinguishing the fire. The drawback here would be using it on open electrical equipment.

Foam – Works by creating a smothering affect on the fire to starve it of oxygen. They can be used on fires containing flammable liquids (like petrol).

CO2 – Containing pressurised gas, they leave no residue behind. They’re suitable for fires involving burning liquids and fires involving computer liquid as an example. Caution should be taken when using them as your hands could freeze to the horn if it’s not double layered/frost-free.

Powder – Dry powder extinguishers have a very good fire fighting capability but because the powder does not soak in to materials, it doesn’t cool them down, risking fires reigniting.  This is something to be aware of.

Water mist – A thin mist of water laid over the fire helps to cool it down, creating steam and starving the area of oxygen. It’s good to know what water mist extinguishers can be used one fat fires, unlike normal water extinguishers.

Wet chemical – Should be used from a distance, they lay a cooling layer of foam on top of the fire. Other fire extinguishers have better fire fighting abilities.

It’s important to note, that you shouldn’t use a fire extinguisher unless you feel it is safe to do so.

We hope you now know your fire extinguishers and feel better equipped should you need to use one. If you do have a fire related incident and require restorative help, reach out to us here at ServiceMaster Restore. We know how hard cleaning up smoke damage and residue from power and foam fire extinguishers can be. Leave it to the experts.

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